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Spend some time studying the opening moves. As you gain experience, experiment with alternate plays of those rolls that have more than one reasonable play. The best way to play each of the opening moves in backgammon. Best Backgammon Opening Moves – How should you open your backgammon game? Great Backgammon tips and strategies for best Backgammon Openning.

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And each extra point brings you one step closer to closing out your opponent. Why Study Opening Rolls? Look at the stack of checkers on your six-point. There are three opening rolls for which slotting the five-point is a reasonable possibility: It turns out the answer is yes. The play in itself is not bad; it is just that using both numbers for essentially the same purpose is rather wasteful. There was a time when slotting both five-points yours and your opponent's was popular. The moves are captured in standard backgammon notation. First, it becomes more dangerous for your opponent to leave a blot anywhere in his front prinzessin spiele online. You make an immediate attempt to secure the opposing bar-point, and also hope to profit from an exchange of hits. The starting position occurs every game so it is worth knowing how to handle it. A rollout only tells you what play comes out best when the computer plays. Boards and Money Needed for Kids. The builder on your nine-point creates many chances to make a new point next turn.


Backgammon Opening Rolls (The 6-5 Opening Roll)


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